sexta-feira, 20 de junho de 2008

Dead man's island

Author: John Escott

Genre: Mystery and Adventure

Setting the story: A small part of the story takes place in England and all rest of it takes place in a small private island in Scotland.

One problem presented of the story: The problem presented in the story is the travel that Carol and her mother make to a small private island in Scotland and the events that happened.

Some the major events: The death of Carol's father and whwn Carol opened the locked door and she saw what it contained, she saw that Mr. Ross was Jake Rosso, her favourite singer. "I saw the face of Mr. Ross... Mr. Ross is Jake Rosso."

The problem is soved when: Carol saw the contents of the locked room and she saw that James Ross was Jake Rosso, her favourite singer. He appeared and he told his true story. " Ok, you're right... I am Jake Rosso (...) "I took drugs... I drank a lot of alcohol... I did stupid, terrible things. I knew it was wrong but I couldn't stop doing it. I was crazy, for a time (...) One night, I was driving my car. I was drunk and I hit somebody. A young girl. She died. I killed her. (...) I was afraid... and so "I killed" him (he feigned his death). This event remained a secret.

I liked and I didn't like the story.
I didn't like the story because the title points to another development wich would be cooler.
I liked the story because it has a lot of mistery until the end, the story is very interesting and I learned a few thing and values with it. I think that Carol is a very determined girl.

Carla Sofia Mesquita
8º 4

quinta-feira, 19 de junho de 2008

The secret garden

Author: Frances Hodson Burnett

One problem presented in the story: There was a 10-year-old boy called Colin Craven who was all day and night in his bedroom (so depressed and allways crying) because he had a crooked back as his father (Mr. Archibald Craven). He was so bad-tempered, disagreeable and spoilt. All the servants had to do everything that he wanted, because if he became angry, he would also become ill. Colin's mother died ten years ago, and because of that his father didin't like seeing Colin because he reminded him of his wife. So, nobody seemed to care about Colin, and everybody said that he was going to die.

The problem is solved when: The problem was solved when Mary and Dickon decided to help Colin to get better, and they took him to the mansion's gardens, in his wheelchair, because a doctor had told Colin to go out in the fresh air, but Colin hated it. However, Mary and Dickon made him like fresh air and convinced him to go out of his room.

Some of the major events: For me, the most important and emotional event was in the end of the story, when Mr. Craven saw Colin runing and smiling as a beautiful, healthy and happy boy, and it made him so proud of his son.

I liked the story very much because it isn't a tedious or monotonous story, and because it reflets three important and interesting cases: the firts is a bad-tempered and numb girl (Mary) who became a sensible, kind, and friendly child; the second is a secret and locked garden which the key was buried; and the third is a boy (Colin) who was so ill that everybody said that he was going to die, but when he started going out of his room, getting some fresh air and walking in the gardens, he got better, and changed into an ordinary boy.

Noiala Araújo N.º: 18

Ano/Turma: 8.º 4

The island of ghosts

This story tells about a trip of Kevin and Leah to the island of Lilac in called Azores in North Atlantic Ocean. The day after the trip they went to the beach where they found a woman that told them a love story between a pirate and a Portuguese girl. However, Roberto, the pirate never told the girl that he loved her. Maria wanted Roberto to stay with her in the island, but Roberto wanted her to come with him on the boat. On day they stopped talking to each other and Roberto went away. Maria waited for Roberto but he never returned. Kevin and Leah tried to find out what had happened to Roberto and if he loved Maria. When they were eating breakfast, they saw two photographs: one was recent of a cave and there was an old one one but both looked the same. They went to the cave and a ghost took them to a trunk and they decided to go back. The following day they returned with the police, Mr and Mrs Murray and they discovered that inside the trunk there a letters from Roberto to Maria saying that he loved her. But in the end there is a question with no answer: What happened to Roberto?
In the end of the story Kevin and Leah went back home.

"Sherlock Holmes-Short stories"-"The Specled Band"

title: Sherlock Holmes-Short stories"-"The Specled Band"

Author: Sir aArthur Conan Doyle

Sumary of the story: Sherlock Holmes and Watson were in their flat when a young woman dressed in black come to see them. She looked tired and cryed. She sat and told the story of her life. She lived with her stepfather. He was a very violent men. He had lived in India and brought wild animals. He liked gipsies too. Elen said that her sister, Julia, had only 30 years when she died. She died before she got married. Elen told Sherlock Holmes that her sister used to hear the songs of falling metals. Holmes thought and decided to visit the house. He investigated all the house. Helen's stepfather wanted her to sleeping to Julia's room. That was a bell-rope and a plate with milk. They didn't have any cats. Holmes and Watson spent the night in Julia's room, because they thought that Elen's life was in danger. They heard a sound, and Holmes hit the bell-rope hard. They heard a cry from the next room. They entered the room and they saw a metal box open and Elen stepfather dead. There was a snake on his head. Holmes discovered that the snake came to the airvent and down the bell-rope to the bed. That was what killed Julia. That snake poison is difficult to find in a dead body. Pulling the bell-rope Holmes made the snake hungry and need to went back to the airvent.

quinta-feira, 12 de junho de 2008

Title: " Voodoo Island"
Author: Michael Duckworth
The story started when Mr. Conway pretended to be rich man and he went to Haiti. During the travelling he met Mrs. Karen. She was writing a book about voodoo and she went to work for an hospital there. While Mr. Conway was trying to get richer she was writing her book and she visited the most important hougan in that Island. As Mr. Conway didn´t have space to build his small town he decided to build his town in a graveyard which was very important to kee ( the hougan) because he had his grandfather buried there. So, the only chance that kee found to solve the problem was using voodoo. With that, Mr. Conway became crazy and went to the hospital where Mrs. Karen worked. Mrs. Karen invited kee to help Mr. Conway but he refused it because he said Mr. Conway would be happy there: he had a big place to live in, with lots of rooms, people came and cleaned the rooms and brought him food, he didn´t have to work, and he had got a lot of money in the bank; It was everything he wanted in life.
I like the story because the message that old kee left makes us think about the impotance of having friends.
Jorge Bastos 8º4

terça-feira, 3 de junho de 2008

Poema da minha autoria

Primavera é o tempo a crescer

Cresce por entre as folhagens
Uma pequena flor a sorrir
Nos campos de verdes pastagens
Tudo se vai colorir

O Sol ficou mais brilhante
O azul do céu mais intenso
Tudo é belo e deslumbrante!

As estrelas com um brilho cintilante
Lá no céu iluminam a noite
A lua parece um diamante
Tudo convida ao romance.

Os pássaros andam agitados
Não param de chilrear
Parecem enamorados
Os filhotes vão encantar

As crianças andam felizes
Vêem tudo a crescer
Com um sorriso esboçado no rosto
Não param de nos surpreender

Carla Sofia Mesquita

Poema da minha autoria

Mãe, quero-te sempre a meu lado

Mulher meiga e ternurenta
Sempre pronta a ajudar
Quando estiver triste e sozinha
Não preciso de te chamar

Tu estás sempre presente
Desde o dia em que nasci
O que desejo realmente
É ter-te sempre aqui

Mãe, o teu coração é enorme
Eu nunca te irei esquecer
Tudo farei nesta vida
Para não te ver sofrer

Mesmo quando eu crescer
Não te vou abandonar
Quero mesmo te dizer
Que sempre te vou amar

Carla Sofia Mesquita